About iXDev UK

iXDev UK was founded in the United Kingdom with the vision of being Global Cloud Transformation Enabler.

Our mission is to empower our customers to realise their potential through innovative cloud based software as a service solution, which is developed by highly skilled professionals, delivered by trustworthy partners and supported by leading cloud technology providers.

iXDev UK is at the centre of today’s business challenges by providing technology that is easy to use, safe and affordable. Our aim is to empower your business to Perform Better and Grow Faster by using Cloud Technology.

At iXDev UK, we believe using technology in streamlining business processes and using live data to predict customer trends is no longer an option. It is crucial for businesses to enhance performance in order to succeed, grow and cope in an increasingly competitive markets.

At iXDev UK, we create complete range of cloud business solutions and services SaaS, like ( ERP, CRM ) which businesses mostly use to enable them manage and grow their operations without any pre-requisite knowledge of information technology or infrastructure.

iXDev MEA HQ ( Cairo, Egypt)

We choose Egypt to be the location of iXDev Middle East and Africa’s headquarters (iXDev MEA), and the region’s excellence centre for development and technical management. This is where we develop and localize several cloud applications and services to enable business owners and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses at affordable prices.

Technology Partners

In order to deliver reliable and secure applications and services to our clients, we not only created a fantastic product, furthermore we made several strategic partnerships with the top cloud providers in the world. We partnered with IBM on their infrastructure cloud platform (Softlayer / BlueMix) and Microsoft on their cloud platform (Azure) to deliver the best and most secure cloud solutions for our customers.

Through our strategic partnerships, robust cloud services and our strong technical and management team, we are able to help businesses with their digital transformation so that they can perform better and grow faster by using easy-to-use, secure, reliable and affordable cloud technology.