Inventory Valation

Inventory Valuation in iXERP

Inventory Valuation in iXERP works as per the Average Cost Standard Method, which commonly used in most of the businesses as a standard financial valuation method. What Is the Average Cost Method? The average cost method assigns a cost to inventory items based on the total cost of goods purchased Read more…

CEO needs to know iXERP

Every CEO needs to know iXERP | ERP

Every CEO will ask this question to our team, why every CEO needs to know iXERP? in the following article, you will find the answer. Growing companies include several complex functions that used to operate independently. Operations, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, finance, and manufacturing departments may act independently in their daily Read more…

iXERP Cloud ERP for Services Industry

iXERP Cloud ERP for Services Industry

For services company, in order to deliver the best service possible to their clients, they should implement iXERP Cloud ERP for Services Industry (Enterprise Resources Planning). Services organisations have very specific and varied requirements when selecting an ERP solution. They are looking to maximizing resource utilization, project management, execution and Read more…

iXCRM in Clubs industry - Case Study

Implementing iXCRM in Clubs industry

iXCRM in Clubs Industry Case Study In this business case study we will explain how we implemented Cloud iXCRM in clubs industry to empower them to increase their sales, reduce their sales operation cost and increase customers satisfaction. Through our work with the Clubs industry we spotted an incompetency in Read more…

Organisation Memory The CRM

Organisation Memory The CRM

Organisations memory is part of the organisation learning cycle about the business. Learn more about how CRM solutions can help your Organisation to build updated and fresh organisation memory and learn more about your customers and employees to increase sales and profitability.

customers and the role of crm

Customers and the Role of CRM

Customers and the role of CRM, is an interesting article by Hogan Injury that shows the importance of the CRM (Customers Relationship Management) to any business. The customer is the heart of any business. Whether the business is a retail clothing store, food delivery, or even a law firm offering expert Read more…