Inventory Valation

Inventory Valuation in iXERP

Inventory Valuation in iXERP works as per the Average Cost Standard Method, which commonly used in most of the businesses as a standard financial valuation method. What Is the Average Cost Method? The average cost method assigns a cost to inventory items based on the total cost of goods purchased Read more…

CEO needs to know iXERP

Every CEO needs to know iXERP | ERP

Every CEO will ask this question to our team, why every CEO needs to know iXERP? in the following article, you will find the answer. Growing companies include several complex functions that used to operate independently. Operations, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, finance, and manufacturing departments may act independently in their daily Read more…

iXERP empower B2B Fintech

iXERP empower B2B Fintech

iXERP empower B2B fintech (Financial Technology) by including out of the box feature that supports online invoicing and payment processing. We are always working to increase iXERP out of the box features that support the industry and empower companies whether they are startups or small and medium or even enterprises. Read more…

Screenshot_2018-08-22 Dashboard IXERP STD - ERP for SMB

iXERP Current Ratio

iXERP Current Ratio is one of the standard financial ratios that are automatically calculated in iXERP Dashboard and extremely important for businesses, iXERP gives you a complete dashboard that include several financial ratios like “Current Ration”