iXERP Enterprise (Cloud ERP for SME) Face Lifting

iXERP Enterprise (Cloud ERP for SME) Face Lifting

iXDev is committed to deliver the best application for our customers during their Cloud Transformation journey. We are always listening to our customers and their requirements through our surveys and direct customer’s meetings. During our last feature survey conducted by our customer’s experience team we had spotted several features and requirements form our customers. Our development and user experience team had worked hard to deliver these features before the end of Q1 2018.

One of the major enhancements for iXERP Enterprise in Q1 2018 is the user experience, we had made a great application user interface enhancement (Face Lifting) which make our customers happier while using the application. This user interface enhancement (Face Lifting) includes several UX/UI enhancements with no degradation on of user’s functions.

The new user interface allows our customers to work more comfortably, and even more process their work faster, thanks to the new cross screens icons and menu to reach any application function from anywhere in the application.

Our NOC team also worked to make the application faster to load, which can load under any slow internet connection to suite any Small and Medium Business (SMB / SME) requirements.

iXDev always work on the applications enhancements and development to accommodate customer’s requirements using the best cloud technology and best development technology with no burden from the customer side.

We are looking forward to serve more customer with more great application’s features to be the cloud application providers of choice.

If you did not have the opportunity to know about iXERP Enterprise Cloud ERP Application, as a summary Cloud iXERP Enterprise is the Cloud application of choice for the Manufacturing and Construction Sector, because of its rich features and effective functionality with very low cost compared with the similar applications.

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