iXDev had tripled its UK infrastructure capacity with IBM

iXDev had tripled its UK infrastructure capacity with IBM

iXDev UK as IBM strategic partner had aligned with IBM Data Centers cloud infrastructure capacity expansion in the UK. We tripling our infrastructure capacity to keep up with demand on cloud applications.

iXDev is committed to give its customer the best cloud application services using the best secure cloud infrastructure. our IBM strategic partnership give our customers reliable and secure services by using IBM UK Data Centers.

The expansion will give iXDev’s UK clients greater control over how they manage data and run their businesses in the cloud. We will invest in high growth areas, offering clients higher-value cloud applications and data services, such as iXERP & iXCRM running on IBM cloud infrastructure that delivers world-class scalability, performance and security.

The Data Center expansion will see IBM lease space with Ark Data Centers, the government’s joint venture partner for delivering public sector Data Center services across the Crown Hosting Framework. The framework, based in the same Ark facility, is already used across the public sector.

“The expansion strengthens iXDev’s ability to bring clients greater flexibility, transparency, and control over how they manage data & applications, run their businesses, and deploy IT operations in the cloud. to able to perform better and grow faster”