In the below FAQ section we listed all repeated questions we get from our customers, you may find the answer to your question below, if you did not find your answer below please contact us.

Our subscription includes your access to our cloud applications iXERP, incremental daily backups will be kept for one week, email integration, state of the art security and data centre (London), system availability 99.999%, 24/7 monitoring and data centre operations. Free upgrade or downgrade on demand.

Subscription includes support by email. Our support teams are available from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm GMT, in English / Arabic and French.

iXDev Apps are easy to calculate its subscription cost with hassle-free and no hidden cost. iXDev Apps (iXERP) care charged per user per month or per year with full features available in the application, even new features are added free of charge.

You need only to pay the annual subscription and we will take care of everything related to the technology and you should focus on your business, we are your digital partner.

A paid subscription user is defined as an employee or a supplier or any person who has or will have access to iXDev application (iXERP) though application credentials (Username / Password) to create and/or modify data.

We provide functional support and bug fixing services on standard features, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm during working days, in English / Arabic / French via email with 48 Hours max response time (SLA1).

1 Backup per day, with stored 7 backlog backups (1 week of backups)

You can purchase support packages that may suit you more, or pay per instant as you go or even ask for a dedicated consultant package.

Customisation, special application and custom modules development are not supported.

for more details please contact sales.

We don't provide an on-premise option, because of the nature of our SaaS service and applications, we only support the online applications.

According to our experience with preceding projects, we recommend to our customers the right implementation pack so that all our customer's implementation is successful for the required scope.

The most common reasons a customer would buy an extra Implementation Pack for their initial implementation are data import issues (due to unorganized merge data or an abnormally large volume of data to import), Business Process Reengineering (BPR), or require additional training for employees prior to completion of implementation.

Some customers may also purchase an additional Implementation Pack after initial implementation because they want to make their solution evolve over time as the company grows. iXDev will support you in all cases.

Several payment options are available, your sales consultant will advise you with the best option for your case as per the tax requirement in your region or country.

We support Credit Cards, Bank Transfer.

For other methods of payment please consult your sales account manager.

We take your data security seriously, we apply the highest security measures to protect your data privacy, we are hosted in a state of the art Tier III data centre in central London with several certificates like PCI-DSS, ISO 27001 - 9001, HIPPA, with very high physical security, highest encryption for data and communication, and several other high-end security measures. Our security team works around the clock to make sure that our systems apply the highest security measures from any internal or external threats.

No one can have access to your data except the authorised people who have your assigned username and password, make sure you change your password regularly with a strong password and keep it safe and secure and not exposed to anyone except you.

You and your employees are fully responsible for your data and data entry, our team is unable to access your data from anywhere unless you give them access.

Our support team conduct with you in a live session to give you online support, so they can see your screen and instruct you what to do, or take control of your screen temporarily after asking for your authorisation, in the online session, you will be watching the support team navigation on your screen.

We will be sad to see you go as we value your business, please let us know if we failed to satisfy you at any point as we learn from our mistakes.

Before you suspend the application, you can extract full reports to Microsoft Excel sheets with full data like GL transaction, Sales and Customers, Suppliers and Purchase, all basic data like items, chart of accounts and company financial reports etc.

These reports include all a full history of your transaction data. If you don't know how to do it, our support team can help, just send a support request from your authorised email address.

We will keep your database backup for 1 month after service expiration in the case would like to renew your service for another period, after one month from the service expiration your database and its historical backup will be wiped out permanently.