iXDev as a member of ERPNext organisation is excited to announce that ERPNext were named as a FrontRunner by Gartner – October 2018.

ERPNext FrontRunner

FrontRunners report uses real reviews from real software users to highlight the top software products for small businesses. The report goal is to help small businesses to make more informed decisions about what software is right for them.

The gist is that products are scored in two areas—Usability and User Recommended—based on actual user ratings.

To be considered at all, products must have at least 20 reviews published within the previous 18 months, and meet minimum user rating scores. They also have to offer a core set of functionality—for example, ERP products have to offer financial management, HR management and inventory management.

From there, user reviews dictate the Usability and User Recommended scores. Usability is plotted on the x-axis and User Recommended on the y-axis.

We are excited about this good news “ERPNext Named a FrontRunner by Gartner” as it is one of the best external endorsements for ERPNext yet, and it was nice to see ERPnext listed alongside with top players in the ERP Applications.

iXDev is proud to be a member and part of ERPNext success and will always be committed to offer the best applications and service for its customers using the best and wining technology.

iXDev had announced earlier this year to integrate all iXERP Enterprise features in ERPNext to join the open source community and offer its customers the ultimate flexibility and best technology. ERPNext is complete well designed ERP application that has all the features and function that any business needs to run their operation, even for more flexibility and new introduced frappé framework, any type of operation can be customized using DocType and workflow.

iXDev had introduced several new modules for ERPNext and built specially for business verticals or customer specific operation workflow. iXDev customer’s who used ERPNext are very happy with its ultimate flexibility and interoperability.

To read more about FrontRunner report by Gartner and how it is prepared, please follow the link Gartner FrontRunner Report

For more information about ERPNext features and iXDev Services please visit the product page

iXDev is always work to satisfy its customers with variety of option and reliable services to choose from, as we always believe in freedom of choice.

We partnered with ERPNext Organisation to offer our customers the maximum freedom possible, we have introduced the support of the best open source platform ERPNext to give our customer the ultimate freedom.

ERPNext is 100% open source, so there is no software licenses it is free to download and use on your own local servers. that means you don’t need user licenses for your employees, you will get unlimited number of users, but not only the users you don’t have any other limitation, it is the ultimate freedom.

By using ERPNext customers may not lose the benefit of the cloud, as customers can host their implementation of ERPNext on their local server or online on the cloud, or they may combine both, for backup and disaster recovery solution.

ERPNext is developed to have several enterprise features and modules, it can cover all the requirement of big enterprises, like unlimited multi level General Ledger accounts, full human resources system and detailed manufacturing and costing.

ERPNext is designed in a way that you will be able to add more feature through new modules development, so it is not limited to the built-in features and functions. Thanks for Frappe modern and open architecture that allow developers to extend ERPNext functionality by developing new applications or integrate application already in use.

Customers also will be able to get updates and upgrade for free and enjoy the new features developed by the community.

iXDev offers full support for its customers to implement and extend the features of ERPNext, on their own local servers or on the online cloud servers. iXDev project methodology and governance will always lead to the project success with the help of iXDev trained professionals.

Customers can enjoy this freedom today

For more information about ERPNext and its module please visit the product page


Digital marketing became the most used marketing trend, and most companies are using it to get more leads. but the question will stay always the same, How to run an effective and successful marketing campaign, regardless the experience of the marketing department and whether companies are running the campaigns by their internal employees or through external agencies.

When companies ask about the marketing campaign effectiveness, are you using the right channel, or do you paying enough, how much sales did this campaign generate?

When companies like to get answers for such questions, they have to have a tracking methodology for the leads, till it is converted to sales or lost.

Leads tracking include logging leads data linked with its source of generation, and its current status in one database, along with the engagement activities and sales person who handle the lead.

Then companies can analyse data with several reports and charts to get information about the leads generation and the quality of leads per channel, even more information will be available like the performance of salesperson and conversion rate per channel (Number Sales).

iXCRM is company’s sales tool and central repository, that includes website and social media integration feature and collect leads data from all digital channel, then assign it to internal salesperson to engage with them in an individual activity. This will link marketing to sales in a seamless way to be able to connect the chain between the two department to measure how effective is your final sales conversion from what did you spend on marketing.

iXCRM Report builder and analysis can generate any report based on several condition, like leads source, conversion rate, sales person and several other factors depend on your KPIs.

Using iXCRM with the above methodology will allow companies to measure closely the effectiveness of their marketing spending and focus on the most effective  marketing channel for their products and services over others. Companies may save money from dropping the ineffective channels or reduce its budget.


Using iXCRM to track your marketing leads generation campaigns will connect marketing and sales chain and give you a full insights based on your selected KPIs for more effective marketing campaigns with the right spending.

iXDev always support innovation from different industries, Open Source community is one of the main areas which iXDev strongly support. As iXDev continuous efforts and activities to support open source communities, we had joined the largest open source community.

We are glad to announce that iXDev had joined ERPNext Foundation and Community.

iXDev will support the development of ERPNext ecosystem in the region and work closely with other community member to make the product the best ERP in the market.

We believe in community innovation to develop fantastic ideas for several business functions, becoming ERPNext foundation member will allow us to guide more projects and ideas around the framework and bring it to production faster.

As a result of iXDev joining ERPNext Foundation, iXDev will host and sponsor several activities to empower the community and the learning process for several community members that needs to accelerate their knowledge and technical skills. Also iXDev will offer ERPNext Implementation, support and cloud hosting for its customers in UK, Europe, Egypt, Africa and Middle East.

ERPNext Foundation vision is to provide high quality free software to organizations, enterprises and public institutions around the world, and enable to use it by spreading the knowledge and best practices of running organizations in the 21st Century.

We are enthusiastic about our cooperation with ERPNext Foundation and looking forward of fruitful outcome and empowerment.



iXCRM in Clubs Industry Case Study

In this business case study we will explain how we implemented Cloud iXCRM in clubs industry to empower them to increase their sales, reduce their sales operation cost and increase customers satisfaction.

Through our work with the Clubs industry we spotted an incompetency in their sales process, employees turnover in sales department especially in high seasons and lack of tracking and no current situation status report for club management. The previous problems results of low performance, and unable to grow the business due to several issues with performance measurement and tracking, data scattering between individuals, lack of target tracking and no customer’s satisfaction tracking.

During iXCRM application implementation, iXDev team worked closely with industry experts and the customer involving the best practices guidelines for sales management to implement clubs industry processes on iXCRM Solution.

Our consultants had implemented complete sales cycle based on clubs industry sales stages starting from the leads to solid opportunities divided by sales person with several workflows and scheduled list reports and graphs to give different level of performance boost, and give management a solid view of the potential sales and also other departments performance.

After iXCRM Implementation, every salesperson is able to track his/her performance and he/her never miss a follow-up or a meeting with a client, thanks for the integrated workflow module and shared iXCRM calendar and tasks management feature with a complete tracking for the sales targets.

iXCRM Dashboard Screenshot

Club management became more relaxed and focused after implementing iXCRM scheduled reports which are generated automatically and sent to the selected management team, to give them a complete view of current status based on the selected schedule, and clubs industry key performance indicators (KPIs).

After implementing iXCRM, management are not worried about the sales employees turnover, as the customer data and activities can be reassigned to another sales employee or the newly hired replacement employee to do the same task, then he will get a complete history of the client activities and his current status, so he can deal with him immediately with no loss of time or customer satisfaction.

To increase customers satisfaction our team had implemented iXCRM complaints management for all club departments, to track and solve all customer issues in timely manner and learn from their suggestions to enhance club service. Clubs had spotted an increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty to the club after implementing iXCRM solution.iXCRM Calendar Screenshot

Even more of customer’s satisfaction, iXDev consultants had enabled custom notification system in iXCRM, customers are very happy to get notified from iXCRM with their subscription renewals based on iXCRM services contract dates, or they can get congratulation notification for their birthday.

Not only sales department who benefited from implementing iXCRM, also other departments like sports department benefited from iXCRM implementation, iXCRM enabled trainers to follow-up on the customers activities to be able to advice them with the best to their training program. Also it gives the club management a complete view of the more used services over other to plan for the required resources, and better serve their customers.

Implementing Cloud iXCRM in clubs industry and health clubs has shown a huge improvement in sales performance, and huge difference in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Please check iXCRM Product page for more information about the product feature.

iXERP sales module is an integrated module in the Cloud iXERP Standard which allows you to manage all customers orders, invoices and payments.

iXERP Sales Module is seamlessly integrated with the inventory, warehouses and General Ledger Module (GL) with several reports will let you on top of your revenue and customer payments and all its related transactions.


Creating Your Invoice:

By using iXERP Sales module and after you setup your customers and items properly, you will be able to create customer’s orders or customer’s direct invoices, or you can convert all sales orders and delivery notes to invoices fully or partially, and it depends on the workflow inside your organisation. The iXERP Sales Module, as it is integrated with the inventory, customers and GL, so you can choose your customer and item with its current prices and discount if applicable, then the iXERP will calculate the subtotal and total and will include VAT and other taxes if applied as per your settings and configuration.

Because every organisation has its own workflow process in invoicing the customer, iXERP allows you to create invoices from the warehouse delivery notes based on the quantities delivered to customers, this action will automatically make the inventory deduction and journal vouchers related to the transaction based on your GL settings.


What happens After you create an Invoice:

After saving the invoice and as per the GL integration, the invoice automatically create the journal vouchers related to this invoice as per the settings and deduct the quantity of the products in the invoice from the inventory based on the warehouse selected, also you will be able to print the invoice or send it by email to the customers or internal employee directly from the system.

The invoice also will give you a warning if the customer exceeds their credit limit if you have a credit limit per customer, also it will check the inventory and prevent the invoice from saving if the inventory item quantity is not enough, but you can change this behaviour by allowing the inventory negative from the settings, or if you are selling a service then the inventory check will not be applied.

The amount of invoice is added to customer balance and show in customer’s balance report, also the amount will show in the aged customer’s report based on the number of days the payment is delayed.


Customer Payments and Credits:

Using the iXERP Customer Payment, you can pay the invoice fully or partially and this will show in the balance report and aged customer’s analysis report too, also it will generate an automatic journal voucher related to this payment and add the amount to the selected bank or cash account.

From the iXERP Sales module you are be able to manage customer’s credit notes and customer’s return vouchers, with automatic warehouse transaction and GL transaction, also it will show in the customer reports and affect customer’s balance.


Other great features:

Other interesting features are salesperson tracking by adding the salesperson to the sales order and sales invoice to able to track salesperson activities in the sales report and dashboard, also you can calculate sales person commission automatically after setting the salesperson commission percentage.

There are other great features in the sales modules, like sales area and sales groups settings, so you will be able to understand the geographical distribution of your sales, also if you have a monthly recurring invoices, you can setup the recurring invoices through invoices templates.



By using iXERP sales module, you will be able to manage your sales and customers with accurate customers balance and track your sales revenue by salesperson, customer, zone or group. Also you will not worry about inventory balance or GL transactions as it is posted automatically and on the spot. Moreover salesperson will not miss a customer discount or payment term and will get warning when the customer credit limit is exceeded. You will eliminate any mistakes or confusion concerning different products taxes and the Taxes GL report, moreover you can send your invoices to customers by email once it is created to have a great customer experience and satisfaction.


For more information please check iXERP Standard page


iXCRM Teamwork: Many businesses know the CRM as a software that manage only contacts and customers, so it commonly used by sales and marketing departments, although in reality CRM software is able to manage the entire company team and can be extended to other external teams like partners team.

The CRM solutions has several different features depends on the versions and development companies, one of these features that becomes essential for any CRM software to manage company team effectively, is workflow module.

Workflow feature makes it easy for any small business to define different cross departments processes to manage its team or teams. The workflow module helps to enforce internal processes on the employees and insure its effectiveness. Businesses used to depend on email for the communication between departments, unfortunately the emails is not the proper way when it comes to a project progress status and task status.

For small and medium businesses, if they really need to manage internal processes, projects and tasks which is shared between one team or several teams, so the solution for their pains is CRM software.

Small Business can use modules like Projects and Tasks, Events and Calendar, To-Do list, Tickets, that are integrated with Workflow module to operate any internal process.

The most significant impact of the Workflow module is its dynamic reaction and notifications based on user activities on the system, it is flexible enough to do any required task, like send an email or SMS and also to modify some records or create events and task or even send an email to the customer.

Flexible Workflow module in the CRM software, can manage the key processes for small and medium companies to guide their internal process and remind the employees of what action should be taken to enhance company performance.

As an example for iXCRM Teamwork: A Sales department can define a workflow to follow-up on the clients in a certain sales stage, also can send a reminder notification for sales agent includes the meetings and tasks that should be done for customers follow-up.

Another example for iXCRM Teamwork: A Services companies with a huge services team can also be managed using the CRM by setting the role of every person and his responsibility inside the organisation, then you can define a workflow on every role to set the internal process guidelines to have notification for maintenance period, customer service time, customer service contract end date, customer complains and its status, even the CRM software can automatically escalate the problem to the higher management in the company based on a certain criteria for the size of the problems or time of answer, which leads to more customer satisfaction.


Using iXCRM software for team management can drive more revenue and more customer satisfaction by enforcing the internal processes on the employees to guarantee the best performance possible.

For more information about iXDev Cloud iXCRM, please visit the products page.  

GDPR is the new European Union General Data Protection Regulation, which will be enforced 25 May 2018.

Because your personal data is important to iXDev and treat it with high security and confidentiality, we continuously work with law enforcement to make your data even more secure.

iXDev is delighted to announce its compliance with the new EU GDPR effective 25 May 2018.

What does this mean?

Many of the companies were taking several measures voluntarily to protect customer data without any law enforcement in place. iXDev was applying UK Data Protection Act 1998 since we started, although starting 25 May 2018 a new European law will be enforced on all companies related to customer data protection and will include all the UK Data Protection Act 1998 terms.

This means that what companies were doing voluntarily in the past becomes an enforced law for all companies to regulate customers data protection including customer personal identification data.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) replaces the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC and was designed to harmonize data privacy laws across Europe, to protect and empower all EU citizens data privacy and to reshape the way organisations across the region approach data privacy. For more information about EU General Data Protection Regulation, lease visit the GDPR Website https://www.eugdpr.org/.

The Key Changes:

The aim of the GDPR is to protect all EU citizens from privacy and data breaches in an increasingly data-driven world that is vastly different from the time in which the 1995 directive was established. Although the key principles of data privacy still hold true to the previous directive, many changes have been proposed to the regulatory policies; the key points of the GDPR as well as information on the impacts it will have on business can be found in the link.

For more information about iXDev Data Privacy Policy please visit the Privacy Policy Page.

Organisation memory is part of the organisation learning cycle about the business. People use their human mind to store different ideas, memories, perceptions or situations happened to them to learn from in the future or when they face a similar situation, therefore, memories affect people decision making based on the stored accumulated experiences and information.

What about organisations, does they have memory too?

In some organisation the organisation’s memory is based on people who work for the organisation as an employees or managers or even the business founder or the business owner, that implement a huge risk for the business.

Why? Because if the employee resigns from the company or the business owner retired for any reason, he will leave with his part of the organisation memory which will emphasize considerable loss for the organisation based on his position and job title inside the company.

So, every organisation should keep its organisation memory inside the organisation to serve the business purpose, also organisations need to keep its memory fresh and updated.

How can businesses create updated and fresh organisation memory for its favour?

By implementing CRM Solution, organisations will be able to keep all the updates and transactions of its customers in one database not in the mind of employee.

Recording the comments of the customer and setting their follow-up date give a great customer’s experience, losing your follow-up dates with the customers mostly will lead to lost sales. This Not only apply to new customers, current customers can feel more comfortable when they request are not missed and they get the answer on time, so you will keep your customers and mostly generate new sales from them.

CRM Systems also enhance the internal tasks and its delivery dates, as organisations will be able to spot the delayed tasks per employee.

Storing all these data is not the target by itself, or dealing with current operation requirements, the real target from collecting all these accumulated data over years is to get better insights and analysis about your customers and employees, so organisations will be able to identify its strengths and weaknesses, for example customer type and their persona to shorten the sales cycle and make more sales.

Also organisations will spot the successful employees and spot unsuccessful ones to develop their skills, by using insights from their task’s delivery and their quality of their work over time, and keep them motivated, this will boost the business on all levels.

To know more about CRM Solution, please check our Cloud iXCRM Solution for Businesses.

Customers and the role of CRM, is an interesting article by Hogan Injury that shows the importance of the CRM (Customers Relationship Management) to any business.

The customer is the heart of any business. Whether the business is a retail clothing store, food delivery, or even a law firm offering expert services, the business’s success relies on their customers. Even if the product or service that you’re selling is top-notch if you don’t have people to buy what you’re selling or avail of your services, your business is bound to fail. Companies including law firms should consider their customers as assets because aside from buying a business’s product or service which gives the business revenue to keep on operating, these customers provide invaluable feedback that your company can use to improve and to expand; this is the reason why businesses should make an effort to understand their customers.

One method that a business can use to understand their customers better is the use of CRM or Customer Relationship Management. CRM is a system that lets businesses manage their business relationships and customer data that can help the company increase its sales and improve customer retention. CRM systems compile information about your customer from their interactions with any part of your business, whether it’s your company website, telephone conversation, direct mail, or social media. The information gathered can range from the customer’s personal information to their spending habits and product feedback, all of which can be very helpful to any business.

These are some of the advantages of having a CRM system for your business:

  1. Organized information.– CRM collects data and creates a database which can be accessible to members of the company, enabling them to understand the customers better. Unlike traditional customer information filing systems, CRM is not confined to the four walls of an office stuck inside a filing cabinet; instead, customer information can be easily accessed by any member of the business who needs it. The information in the database can be quickly sorted and filtered to find the relevant data that can help you give your customer an excellent experience with your company.


  1. Better communication.– Because customer information is accessible to any member of the business, there will be no miscommunication about a client, even if the customer is talking to someone from the company for the first time.


  1. Improved customer service.– If ever your customer experiences a problem with your service or product, they would want immediate resolution, and because CRM stores all information about your customers like previous purchases, preferences, and any other information gathered from interacting with your business, you will be better equipped to resolve any issue that they may have.


  1. Create better strategies.– Since organized and comprehensive customer information is available to your business because of CRM, you will be able to create business strategies that can help you expand your business faster. Information about purchase history and preferences can help you create a marketing strategy that can persuade more customers with the same interests to buy your service or product and help you grow your customer base. Multiple feedbacks about your business can help you identify problem areas and start taking steps to improve your business.

There are many CRM systems available to businesses with a multitude of features that will satisfy your company’s needs. Law firms can gain a lot of benefits by using CRM systems that will help them schedule tasks and meetings with clients, organize their client contacts, and assist them in their efforts to follow-up on potential clients. Client retention for law firms can also be greatly increased by using CRM to anticipate their client’s needs. CRM data can also help law firms project their future by analysing their current client base, and these projections will enable law firms to make adjustments to serve customers better.

Appreciating your customers is good, but for you to truly show your appreciation for them, you need to understand their needs and CRM helps you do that.

Source: https://www.hoganinjury.com/customers-and-the-role-of-crm/

Now after we understand the Customer and the role of CRM, you may think about implementing CRM for your Small or Medium Business, One of the rich features CRM in the market that covers all bsuiness needs is iXCRM Ultimate (the Cloud CRM for SMB / SME), Cloud iXCRM Ultimate comes as a full features CRM with very affordable monthly price and included support. For more information about Cloud CRM for SMB / SME please check iXCRM Ultimate Product Page.

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