How iXDev helped STEM Education in Egypt

How iXDev helped STEM Education in Egypt

Egypt STEM Schools are specialized in Science and Technology, affiliated to Egyptian Ministry of Education. STEM Project in Egypt was started and funded by USAID, the project will end in April 30 2017. In these schools, Capstone Project is used to facilitate students’ and teachers’ engagement. A Capstone Project is a multifaceted assignment that serves as a culminating academic and intellectual experience for students, typically during their final year of high school or middle school, or at the end of an academic program. Capstone teaches students a systematic approach to problem solving that is trans-disciplinary, real-world, and engaging with authentic assessments.

STEM Schools in Egypt had shown a huge growth to reach 11 schools. The plans of MOE to have at least one school per every governorate to reach 27 schools.

Capstone Project was implemented using Static Forms, Email and Drive since the start in 2011 as a file based system with no database back-end. Due to the exponential growth of the number of the schools hence the number of the students, the process became more complex and multi-layered. This way the higher management was not empowered by either decision-making information or data analysis.

Microsoft Education and Government Team were able to see the opportunity to migrate the system to Microsoft latest Azure cloud technology and integration with Office 365.

iXDev was chosen by Microsoft & STEM Egypt Management to develop, execute and implement the new application. The new system was developed from scratch using Microsoft .NET technology on Microsoft Azure with full integration with Office 365 features. We designed the new Capstone to be scalable for any number of users, easy to use interface and modern design, fully integrated with Office 365 features and Azure, extendable to new features and functions using APIs and plugins, taking into consideration the security levels based on Office 365 authentication and role levels. The following are the most important benefits provided to the STEM Schools in Egypt:

  • Management High visibility on the students’ progress.
  • Higher integrity for the exam results due to the questions high secrecy throughout the exam process.
  • Provided smooth operation during the exams process.
  • Enhanced the high management decision-making process due to the ability to access structured and accumulated data.
  • Enhanced the learning process by using the office 365 features in the classroom.
  • Exams Security from its creation to evaluation.
  • Students & teachers Data Analytic.

The successful implementation of the new Capstone system tempted the management of the STEM Schools to look forward to extend the scope of the system to include more modules to reach for a complete leaning management system using Microsoft platform.

iXDev is always committed to help education sector to excel through its innovative technology education solutions.

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