ERPNext Named a FrontRunner by Gartner

ERPNext Named a FrontRunner by Gartner

iXDev as a member of ERPNext organisation is excited to announce that ERPNext were named as a FrontRunner by Gartner – October 2018.

ERPNext FrontRunner

FrontRunners report uses real reviews from real software users to highlight the top software products for small businesses. The report goal is to help small businesses to make more informed decisions about what software is right for them.

The gist is that products are scored in two areas—Usability and User Recommended—based on actual user ratings.

To be considered at all, products must have at least 20 reviews published within the previous 18 months, and meet minimum user rating scores. They also have to offer a core set of functionality—for example, ERP products have to offer financial management, HR management and inventory management.

From there, user reviews dictate the Usability and User Recommended scores. Usability is plotted on the x-axis and User Recommended on the y-axis.

We are excited about this good news “ERPNext Named a FrontRunner by Gartner” as it is one of the best external endorsements for ERPNext yet, and it was nice to see ERPnext listed alongside with top players in the ERP Applications.

iXDev is proud to be a member and part of ERPNext success and will always be committed to offer the best applications and service for its customers using the best and wining technology.

iXDev had announced earlier this year to integrate all iXERP Enterprise features in ERPNext to join the open source community and offer its customers the ultimate flexibility and best technology. ERPNext is complete well designed ERP application that has all the features and function that any business needs to run their operation, even for more flexibility and new introduced frappé framework, any type of operation can be customized using DocType and workflow.

iXDev had introduced several new modules for ERPNext and built specially for business verticals or customer specific operation workflow. iXDev customer’s who used ERPNext are very happy with its ultimate flexibility and interoperability.

To read more about FrontRunner report by Gartner and how it is prepared, please follow the link Gartner FrontRunner Report

For more information about ERPNext features and iXDev Services please visit the product page