Customer freedom iXERP (Powered by ERPNext)

Customer freedom iXERP (Powered by ERPNext)

iXDev is always work to satisfy its customers with variety of option and reliable services to choose from, as we always believe in freedom of choice.

We partnered with ERPNext Organisation to offer our customers the maximum freedom possible, we have introduced the support of the best open source platform ERPNext to give our customer the ultimate freedom.

ERPNext is 100% open source, so there is no software licenses it is free to download and use on your own local servers. that means you don’t need user licenses for your employees, you will get unlimited number of users, but not only the users you don’t have any other limitation, it is the ultimate freedom.

By using ERPNext customers may not lose the benefit of the cloud, as customers can host their implementation of ERPNext on their local server or online on the cloud, or they may combine both, for backup and disaster recovery solution.

ERPNext is developed to have several enterprise features and modules, it can cover all the requirement of big enterprises, like unlimited multi level General Ledger accounts, full human resources system and detailed manufacturing and costing.

ERPNext is designed in a way that you will be able to add more feature through new modules development, so it is not limited to the built-in features and functions. Thanks for Frappe modern and open architecture that allow developers to extend ERPNext functionality by developing new applications or integrate application already in use.

Customers also will be able to get updates and upgrade for free and enjoy the new features developed by the community.

iXDev offers full support for its customers to implement and extend the features of ERPNext, on their own local servers or on the online cloud servers. iXDev project methodology and governance will always lead to the project success with the help of iXDev trained professionals.

Customers can enjoy this freedom today

For more information about ERPNext and its module please visit the product page