iXERP Enterprise

is a Flexible Enterprise Management on the cloud or on premises powered by the largest Open Source Community of ERPNext – iXERP Enterprise Resources Planning suitable for medium and large organizations companies with complex level of operations and operations management. Today’s enterprises and manufacturers need to operate efficiently and grow their business in a cost-effective way, iXERP Enterprise as flexible ERP System offers a solution for all sizes and types of organizations and supports businesses like real estate, construction, manufacturing, retail, food, restaurants, healthcare, education, agriculture, Non-Profit, distribution and services companies system requirements.


  • Sales Order Management:
    • Automatically convert customer quotations into orders for your products.
  • Purchase Order Management:
    • Automatically generate orders for your suppliers.
  • Production Engineering:
    • Create precise lists of items and instructions needed to build each product.
  • Inventory Management:
    • Tune MRP to reflect actual vendor performance and your actual production.
  • Lot & Serial Control:
    • Trace the source of supply or production for any item.
  • Cloud Material Requirements Planning:
    • Automatically plan what you should buy or make in time to build your products.
  • Cloud Scheduling & Capacity Planning:
    • Balance your production capabilities with material supply.
  • Shop Floor Control:
    • Streamline production and material flow with your suppliers and in your factories.
  • Manufacturing Cost Control:
    • Make better decisions by tracking up to eight elements of cost for an item.
  • Project Control:
    • Segregate production costs and inventory by project.
  • Multi Division & Multi Site:
    • Grow your business without outgrowing your applications.
  • Product Lifecycle Management Integration:
    • Automatically synchronize design engineering data with manufacturing data.
  • Internal Process Workflow
  • Custom Reports Generator
  • Point of Sale

Dynamic Pull Based System

iXERP Enterprise is a dynamic ERP pull system as an advanced version of pull system which encompasses the best feature of traditional pull system & MRP whci is powered by ERPNext.

Custom Report Builder

The product comes with an inbuilt drag & drop query builder, which can be used to create any kind of custom reports.


Multi-Device Usage

iXERP Enterprise can be used with any modern browser through desktop, laptop & mobile devices with any resolution size, or Mobile Application.

End to End System

Can be used as a single system for end to end supply chain, finance, document approval, HR & MES system.

in-Built Workflow, CMS, Collaboration and CRM

The in-built modules like workflow, CMS and CRM seamlessly integrate with iXERP Enterprise. Can be used for employee, sales, supplier & customer collaboration.


Flexible Architecture

All forms, reports & documents are flexible enough to add any kind of new element as per the business requirement. Even more we can develop any custom module with the help of iXDev experts.


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