iXERP Stock Reorder Level

iXERP Stock Reorder Level | Cloud ERP

iXERP Stock Reorder Level or Critical Stock Level feature, save companies a lot of hassle about the inventory stock level and the communication between the warehouses and purchase or procurement department, plus it increases sales by converting lost sales opportunities to actual sales. What is Stock Reorder Level or Critical Read more…

iXERP Cloud ERP for Services Industry

iXERP Cloud ERP for Services Industry

For services company, in order to deliver the best service possible to their clients, they should implement iXERP Cloud ERP for Services Industry (Enterprise Resources Planning). Services organisations have very specific and varied requirements when selecting an ERP solution. They are looking to maximizing resource utilization, project management, execution and Read more…


iXERP Receivables Turnover

iXERP accounts receivable turnover is an accounting measure used to quantify a company’s effectiveness in collecting its receivables or money owed by clients. The value shows how well a company uses and manages the credit it extends to customers and how quickly that short-term debt is collected or is paid. Read more…

Screenshot_2018-08-22 Dashboard IXERP STD - ERP for SMB

iXERP Current Ratio

iXERP Current Ratio is one of the standard financial ratios that are automatically calculated in iXERP Dashboard and extremely important for businesses, iXERP gives you a complete dashboard that include several financial ratios like “Current Ration”

iXCRM in Clubs industry - Case Study

Implementing iXCRM in Clubs industry

iXCRM in Clubs Industry Case Study In this business case study we will explain how we implemented Cloud iXCRM in clubs industry to empower them to increase their sales, reduce their sales operation cost and increase customers satisfaction. Through our work with the Clubs industry we spotted an incompetency in Read more…