Digital marketing became the most used marketing trend, and most companies are using it to get more leads. but the question will stay always the same, How to run an effective and successful marketing campaign, regardless the experience of the marketing department and whether companies are running the campaigns by their internal employees or through external agencies.

When companies ask about the marketing campaign effectiveness, are you using the right channel, or do you paying enough, how much sales did this campaign generate?

When companies like to get answers for such questions, they have to have a tracking methodology for the leads, till it is converted to sales or lost.

Leads tracking include logging leads data linked with its source of generation, and its current status in one database, along with the engagement activities and sales person who handle the lead.

Then companies can analyse data with several reports and charts to get information about the leads generation and the quality of leads per channel, even more information will be available like the performance of salesperson and conversion rate per channel (Number Sales).

iXCRM is company’s sales tool and central repository, that includes website and social media integration feature and collect leads data from all digital channel, then assign it to internal salesperson to engage with them in an individual activity. This will link marketing to sales in a seamless way to be able to connect the chain between the two department to measure how effective is your final sales conversion from what did you spend on marketing.

iXCRM Report builder and analysis can generate any report based on several condition, like leads source, conversion rate, sales person and several other factors depend on your KPIs.

Using iXCRM with the above methodology will allow companies to measure closely the effectiveness of their marketing spending and focus on the most effective  marketing channel for their products and services over others. Companies may save money from dropping the ineffective channels or reduce its budget.


Using iXCRM to track your marketing leads generation campaigns will connect marketing and sales chain and give you a full insights based on your selected KPIs for more effective marketing campaigns with the right spending.

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