Organisation memory is part of the organisation learning cycle about the business. People use their human mind to store different ideas, memories, perceptions or situations happened to them to learn from in the future or when they face a similar situation, therefore, memories affect people decision making based on the stored accumulated experiences and information.

What about organisations, does they have memory too?

In some organisation the organisation’s memory is based on people who work for the organisation as an employees or managers or even the business founder or the business owner, that implement a huge risk for the business.

Why? Because if the employee resigns from the company or the business owner retired for any reason, he will leave with his part of the organisation memory which will emphasize considerable loss for the organisation based on his position and job title inside the company.

So, every organisation should keep its organisation memory inside the organisation to serve the business purpose, also organisations need to keep its memory fresh and updated.

How can businesses create updated and fresh organisation memory for its favour?

By implementing CRM Solution, organisations will be able to keep all the updates and transactions of its customers in one database not in the mind of employee.

Recording the comments of the customer and setting their follow-up date give a great customer’s experience, losing your follow-up dates with the customers mostly will lead to lost sales. This Not only apply to new customers, current customers can feel more comfortable when they request are not missed and they get the answer on time, so you will keep your customers and mostly generate new sales from them.

CRM Systems also enhance the internal tasks and its delivery dates, as organisations will be able to spot the delayed tasks per employee.

Storing all these data is not the target by itself, or dealing with current operation requirements, the real target from collecting all these accumulated data over years is to get better insights and analysis about your customers and employees, so organisations will be able to identify its strengths and weaknesses, for example customer type and their persona to shorten the sales cycle and make more sales.

Also organisations will spot the successful employees and spot unsuccessful ones to develop their skills, by using insights from their task’s delivery and their quality of their work over time, and keep them motivated, this will boost the business on all levels.

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