iXCRM Teamwork: Many businesses know the CRM as a software that manage only contacts and customers, so it commonly used by sales and marketing departments, although in reality CRM software is able to manage the entire company team and can be extended to other external teams like partners team.

The CRM solutions has several different features depends on the versions and development companies, one of these features that becomes essential for any CRM software to manage company team effectively, is workflow module.

Workflow feature makes it easy for any small business to define different cross departments processes to manage its team or teams. The workflow module helps to enforce internal processes on the employees and insure its effectiveness. Businesses used to depend on email for the communication between departments, unfortunately the emails is not the proper way when it comes to a project progress status and task status.

For small and medium businesses, if they really need to manage internal processes, projects and tasks which is shared between one team or several teams, so the solution for their pains is CRM software.

Small Business can use modules like Projects and Tasks, Events and Calendar, To-Do list, Tickets, that are integrated with Workflow module to operate any internal process.

The most significant impact of the Workflow module is its dynamic reaction and notifications based on user activities on the system, it is flexible enough to do any required task, like send an email or SMS and also to modify some records or create events and task or even send an email to the customer.

Flexible Workflow module in the CRM software, can manage the key processes for small and medium companies to guide their internal process and remind the employees of what action should be taken to enhance company performance.

As an example for iXCRM Teamwork: A Sales department can define a workflow to follow-up on the clients in a certain sales stage, also can send a reminder notification for sales agent includes the meetings and tasks that should be done for customers follow-up.

Another example for iXCRM Teamwork: A Services companies with a huge services team can also be managed using the CRM by setting the role of every person and his responsibility inside the organisation, then you can define a workflow on every role to set the internal process guidelines to have notification for maintenance period, customer service time, customer service contract end date, customer complains and its status, even the CRM software can automatically escalate the problem to the higher management in the company based on a certain criteria for the size of the problems or time of answer, which leads to more customer satisfaction.


Using iXCRM software for team management can drive more revenue and more customer satisfaction by enforcing the internal processes on the employees to guarantee the best performance possible.

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