iXCRM in Clubs Industry Case Study

In this business case study we will explain how we implemented Cloud iXCRM in clubs industry to empower them to increase their sales, reduce their sales operation cost and increase customers satisfaction.

Through our work with the Clubs industry we spotted an incompetency in their sales process, employees turnover in sales department especially in high seasons and lack of tracking and no current situation status report for club management. The previous problems results of low performance, and unable to grow the business due to several issues with performance measurement and tracking, data scattering between individuals, lack of target tracking and no customer’s satisfaction tracking.

During iXCRM application implementation, iXDev team worked closely with industry experts and the customer involving the best practices guidelines for sales management to implement clubs industry processes on iXCRM Solution.

Our consultants had implemented complete sales cycle based on clubs industry sales stages starting from the leads to solid opportunities divided by sales person with several workflows and scheduled list reports and graphs to give different level of performance boost, and give management a solid view of the potential sales and also other departments performance.

After iXCRM Implementation, every salesperson is able to track his/her performance and he/her never miss a follow-up or a meeting with a client, thanks for the integrated workflow module and shared iXCRM calendar and tasks management feature with a complete tracking for the sales targets.

iXCRM Dashboard Screenshot

Club management became more relaxed and focused after implementing iXCRM scheduled reports which are generated automatically and sent to the selected management team, to give them a complete view of current status based on the selected schedule, and clubs industry key performance indicators (KPIs).

After implementing iXCRM, management are not worried about the sales employees turnover, as the customer data and activities can be reassigned to another sales employee or the newly hired replacement employee to do the same task, then he will get a complete history of the client activities and his current status, so he can deal with him immediately with no loss of time or customer satisfaction.

To increase customers satisfaction our team had implemented iXCRM complaints management for all club departments, to track and solve all customer issues in timely manner and learn from their suggestions to enhance club service. Clubs had spotted an increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty to the club after implementing iXCRM solution.iXCRM Calendar Screenshot

Even more of customer’s satisfaction, iXDev consultants had enabled custom notification system in iXCRM, customers are very happy to get notified from iXCRM with their subscription renewals based on iXCRM services contract dates, or they can get congratulation notification for their birthday.

Not only sales department who benefited from implementing iXCRM, also other departments like sports department benefited from iXCRM implementation, iXCRM enabled trainers to follow-up on the customers activities to be able to advice them with the best to their training program. Also it gives the club management a complete view of the more used services over other to plan for the required resources, and better serve their customers.

Implementing Cloud iXCRM in clubs industry and health clubs has shown a huge improvement in sales performance, and huge difference in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Please check iXCRM Product page for more information about the product feature.