How companies can build remote work environment using CRM systems? How can managers manage remote employees using CRM Systems? It becomes a requirement for all companies during the current hard time to build remote work environment or work from home rule for their own staff safety. Several people and transitional managers who are against the idea of remote work asking several questions, and wondering how they will be able to manage their employee’s tasks, projects remotely.

One of the key software that represents a complete solution for companies to manage remote employees and build remote work environment is CRM software, which provides several tools like Task Management, Task Delegation, Workflow, Common Calendar, Projects Management, Meeting Scheduling, Sales Planning and other functions….

If you didn’t implement a CRM system yet, please check iXCRM, a cloud iXCRM is a complete CRM System which runs on the cloud, iXCRM covers all that organisations need to manage their employee’s tasks and duties remotely.

A – Managing remote employees

One of the most obvious drawbacks to remote work is the physical separation that exists between team members. Human beings are social creatures, and a traditional workspace fulfils at least a portion of our basic human desire for community. Community fosters organizational alignment, which accelerates creativity, productivity, and, ultimately, success. That’s not to say that remote work cannot be successful.

Since iXDev started we implement work remotely concept, as our products are cloud products that are used from anywhere and allow remote work and collaboration between employees. Companies that are successful with remote work do the following:

1 – Over-communicating

In a remote-work environment, by default there are several time-wasting behaviours are eliminated, like there is no side talk, employees don’t stand around in the smoking-room for a long time, sip their coffee, and gossip in the corridors. In general, that’s probably a good thing to have in work social activities. However, without that time to relieve themselves and build their community, staff can quickly feel isolated.

Effective managers proactively communicate with their remote employees. Weekly one-on-one meetings, daily (or almost daily) stand-up meetings, and other check-ins are important for people to feel plugged in, valued, and motivated to do their best work.

IXCRM help managers to set communication schedule and follow-up on tasks and employees using iXCRM built in workflow.

2 – Centralizing virtual workspace

Without a physical office to go to every day, remote workers need a centralized-hub of business data and project information that is easily accessed from anywhere. Some companies use two separate systems for customer data and project data. iXCRM has a unique approach to has all customer information available in one place we call it Data-360, which combines and links project and customer data together. Our aim to let staff feel confident in their virtual workspace with easy to use and secure system, so they can get information anytime from anywhere.

Using iXCRM to do work management may check tasks and progress anytime to reduce communication time. Both employees and managers alike should use iXCRM to ensure operational alignment.

3 – Standard definitions

What exactly is a “project”? How does that differ from a “task”? What is the “milestone”? When should a lead be converted to an opportunity (and by whom)? Unless everyone agrees on basic terminology, data is going to be messy. Messy data causes confusion, and confusion leads to subpar productivity especially when staff are at home with plenty of potential distractions. iXCRM helps to predefine terminology and guide employees to the desired processes set by management previously.

B – Keeping pace with sales

You cannot control your customer’s ability to buy particularly in seemingly uncertain economic circumstances. iXCRM provides your sales team with tools and 360-degree information about customers to be able to define the customer needs and requirements based on the current situation and propose the best proposal to solve his problem or even up-sell with more value for money.

1 – All employees should have access to CRM | iXCRM

iXCRM is mandatory for your sales team, but what about the rest of the staff or the teams that are closely intertwined with sales? For example, your marketing team, presales and support team or even your accounting team. Providing iXCRM access for all company employees can increase transparency and free up your sales team to focus on achieving their targets, instead of answering questions and looking for information for staff who do not have access.

IXCRM gives you full control of access and permission with fully detailed data-sharing permission, so no worries of an employee gain access to restricted data.

2 – Empower sales staff

When working remotely, your sales team can’t walk over to the accounting department and ask for information. Every day, sales team face many new challenges when talking to customers (billing issues, support issues and many others), your accounting or support team is likely to be tied up with more than they usually handle. Therefore, empowering your sales team with iXCRM as an Out-of-the-box self-service solution with email integration. The sales team can check customer records related to billing or support tickets edited by the responsible department to have full information about customers status before talking to them, also they can send tasks or internal ticket on behalf of the customer if they get a complaint while talking to a customer. The sales team can choose to be notified by email if a certain problem is solved or an issue related to a specific customer is cleared. iXCRM empower the sales team, by saving their time and help them to achieve their target by the ease of the process, getting information faster and communicate more effectively between them and other departments.

3 – Create accountability

In a remote work environment, sales managers can’t physically check the sales team to ensure that they are making calls and sending emails. iXCRM provide sales managers with all follow-up tools to check staff activities and actions done with the actual date and time tracking and also may define a certain KPIs to judge the performance of the sales team. Sales managers can use dashboards charts and graphs like sales funnel, opportunity by stage by salesperson and many other reports to be on top of the latest organisation sales pipeline status.

4 – Escalation process

As all the teams are working remotely which makes the follow-up is difficult even when using traditional CRM, as sales managers will not spend their time jumping between pages and refresh data to know if this task is done or not, using iXCRM escalation process with built-in workflow, managers can receive an email when a task is delayed more than its assigned time, also managers can get a single email with a scheduled report with certain criteria at the end of the day to summarise done activities and pending ones. iXCRM save managers time consumed in follow-up and makes remote work environment very productive.

* – Making the most of remote work

Companies who can build a remote work environment using modern tools like CRM are able to sustain their continuity in any circumstances. Thanks for today’s advanced technology which allow effective remote work environment.

If you don’t use iXCRM or don’t think your current system meets your remote work needs, request a brief demo and get a free needs assessment.

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