Integrated Cloud CRM solution like Cloud iXCRM has the ability to unlock a wide range of benefits for businesses. In this article you will learn 6 benefits of Cloud iXCRM for your Small and Medium Business (SMB).

1.      End-to-end visibility and flexibility

Modern business culture promotes and requires more flexible ways of working. Cloud iXCRM solution (Cloud CRM) is accessible anytime, anywhere. Users can log in from any compatible device as long as they have an internet connection. Users will always be able to view iXCRM data out-of-working-hours from home or mobile, as ultimate access is crucial for today’s businesses.

Cloud iXCRM solution is easily scale to any number of users, as cloud capacity can be altered to match business size and growth, especially in circumstances where the number of staff changes frequently.

2.      Enhanced Cloud iXCRM capabilities

A fully integrated Cloud iXCRM solution provides access to many capabilities, such as: automating emails based on sales activity; creating dynamic sales lists; and tracking cross-channel marketing.

The Cloud iXCRM instantly makes invaluable information accessible, streamlining operations into one process. Take for example, sales stages updates and customer’s information, Cloud iXCRM can sync these data across all devices, to all relevant users, allowing for quick adaptions to business strategies and faster response to customer’s inquiries; rather than an email thread being sent round that the last status may be lost in the email thread, or a loose tracking of customer inquiry.

3.      Cloud CRM Cost Savings

Cloud iXCRM solution removes previously necessary IT installation, maintenance and operation cost, which is part of your subscription. The need to have digital storage on the premise is also removed saving space, cost and the need for ongoing maintenance.

The cloud manages it all! Typically, while cloud being flexible in its offering, allowing different capacities that sit in different subscription packages, to suite all business sizes and needs.

4.      Cloud CRM Security

Security is becoming an ever-increasing concern for organisations. With on premise solutions, businesses rely heavily on the security and firewalls of the routers and connected equipment, and on the building itself, making it very costly component.

However, with Cloud iXCRM solution, security is in iXDev best interest,  our professional engineers are paying close attention and care of our severs security. We roll out security updates regularly to ensure your data has the highest level of protection, while automated back-ups runs just as often.

5.      Collaboration across teams

The ability to work collaboratively is crucial for many businesses, and Cloud iXCRM enables that data can easily synced and backed up constantly. This enables seamless collaboration among and across teams via iXCRM application, whereby information updated from any user will then instantly be available for other users.

Not only does this create a smoothly functioning workplace, it also greatly improves the efficiencies gained by businesses, increasing the speed with which people can collaborate and work towards core business goals.

6.      Always up-to-date with new features & functionality

Cloud iXCRM as an online Cloud CRM platform and is able to provide automated, real-time upgrades and updates. It has the ability to upgrade the entire system in seconds and eliminates time consuming manual updates and /or potentially damaging data or downtime caused by entire re-installations. Cloud iXCRM system is always up-to-date with the latest features and functionality; updates can be applied at the time they’re released, not days or weeks later.

The operational and strategic benefits of Cloud iXCRM are vary, from cutting costs to saving time and empowering employees which leads to better customers service. It is almost impossible to achieve seamless organisation integration without moving your processes to Cloud CRM. In order to stay competitive, organisations must leverage Cloud technology, now is the time for SMEs to take the steps required to deploy integrated customer’s data into Cloud iXCRM solution.

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